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Evaluation of the WIC Nutrition Education and Food Package Impact Study

For the "Evaluation of the WIC Nutrition Education and Food Package Impact Study" (NEFPI), the CWH evaluated cross-sectional data collected from adult WIC participants at three time points following the implementation of the new WIC food package.

2007 California Childhood Obesity Conference: Proceedings

The 2007 California Childhood Obesity Conference (CCOC ‘07), held in Anaheim, California, addressed the nation’s childhood obesity epidemic. The primary focus was on prevention strategies aimed at high risk and low-income communities.

Governor Schwarzenegger's Summit on the Prevention of Obesity

The Center assisted the ad-hoc planning committee with; the design of the Summit process/agenda; identifying potential topics and presenters; identifying potential participants in the Advisory committee, Summit event and Summit Follow -up Team; and the creation and review of materials.

California Obesity Prevention Initiative (COPI)

The Center collaborated with the California Department of Health Services to design the intervention and lead the evaluation of a CDC initiative to prevent obesity among children in California, and pilot tested an innovative strategy to reduce TV viewing among children in select communities that could subsequently be implemented on a larger scale.