Promoting healthy lifestyles for children & families


Healthy Options, Healthy Meals Evaluation

The CWH conducted a formative and outcome evaluation of “Healthy Options, Healthy Meals Initiative”, a collaboration among MAZON, Kaiser Permanente, and food banks in KP regions to increase access to nutritious food reaching low-income families through deliberate systemic change achieved by food banks.

A client-centered approach for emergency food provision: An Evaluation of the Food Bank of Central New York's No Soda and No Candy Policy and Emergency Food Recipient Food Preferences

The Center evaluated the impact of the Food Bank of Central New York’s “No Soda and No Candy” policy on the donated product mix available through its warehouse inventory; determined the food preferences of food pantry recipients; and identified factors that influence Emergency Food Program (EFP) decision-making about foods and beverages to stock and distribute, including perceptions of clients’ fo

California Nutrition & Healthy Eating Initiative

CWH evaluated MAZON’s Nutrition & Healthy Eating Initiative which was funded through the California Anti-Hunger Network. This project included a process evaluation to document and analyze the implementation of the steering committee’s objectives, assessing whether strategies were implemented as planned, how they were implemented, and whether expected output was produced.