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Physical Activity

MAKE ACTION: Activity Cards

"MAKE ACTION: Activity Cards" present four physical activity challenges especially designed for elementary school PE classes.

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MAKE ACTION full Toolkit, How to Use Guide, and Presentation

MAKE ACTION: An Easy-To-Use Toolkit To Advocate for Physical Education in Your Child's Elementary School

The Center developed the "MAKE ACTION: An Easy-To-Use Toolkit To Advocate for Physical Education in Your Child's Elementary School", an easy-to-use resource toolkit for parents and other advocates.

MAKE ACTION: Improving Physical Education in Elementary Schools: Presentation

"MAKE ACTION: Improving Physical Education in Elementary Schools" is a presentation that includes slides about the background, goals, and reality of PE in California; ideas about what schools, parents and other advocates can do; and resources available to aid in making changes happen in your elementary school.

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An Update on the Use and Value of School BMI Screening, Surveillance, and Reporting: Article

As more schools institute BMI screening and surveillance systems, their role has become more controversial, prompting growing and detailed discussion of whether or not this is a supportive action.

2010 California Obesity Prevention Plan - English, Spanish

The 2010 California Obesity Prevention Plan is a call to action for stakeholders from all the identified sectors—State, Local, and Tribal Governments; Employers; Health Care; Families; Community Organizations; Schools; Child Care; Food and Beverage Industry; and Entertainment and Professional Sports—to work together to improve the health of all Californians.

Eliminating Electrolyte Replacement Beverages in California Public schools

The consumption of electrolyte replacement beverages, which are becoming increasingly popular in public schools, is associated with weight gain, diabetes and obesity. Beverage standards recommended by the Institute of Medicine call for the elimination of electrolyte replacement beverages from public schools to promote healthy beverage consumption.

Northern California Healthy Eating Active Living (NorCal HEAL): Resources

The Northern California Healthy Eating Active Living (NorCal HEAL) website, administered by the Center, lists resources, materials and information for schools, worksites, neighborhoods, and healthcare, as well as links to cross-sector postings and fundraising opportunities.

Physical Education Research for Kids (PERK)

In 2008, the California Task Force on Youth and Workplace Wellness (Wellness Task Force) was commissioned by The California Endowment and Kaiser Permanente to take a closer look at the “state of physical education” in California’s K-12 schools with the goal of providing legislative recommendations based on current findings.

Physical Activity Opportunities Associated With Fitness and Weight Status Among Adolescents in Low-Income Communities: Article

To identify physical activity opportunities linked to fitness and weight status among adolescents in low-income communities. a cross-sectional, ecological analysis of 9268 seventh- and ninth-grade students in 19 public schools participating in The California Endowment's Healthy Eating Active Communities program was done.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sports Drinks - English, Spanish

Isn’t Gatorade or Powerade the best drink for after practice? Aren’t sports drinks and juice a lot healthier than soda? If professional athletes promote and drink sports drinks, shouldn’t my kids? Parents, coaches, and physical education instructors have often asked about the value of sports drinks. Center researchers answer these and several other frequently asked questions about sports drinks.