Promoting healthy lifestyles for children & families


WIC Worksite Wellness

The CWH, in collaboration with investigators at UCLA, will help sites develop the nutrition component of the WIC Worksite Wellness program (WWW), develop tools to assess the nutrition-related outcomes, and report on outcomes of the nutrition component of the WWW program.

Pilot to Assess the Distribution of Information on Nutrient Content of Foods in KP Cafeterias

Kaiser Permanente instituted the Healthy Picks program to improve the availability of healthier food items in vending machines and cafeterias utilized by employees, health plan members, and visitors. In KP cafeterias, a HP logo was placed next to qualifying items on the cafeteria menu boards.

Enhanced Nutrition Education Intervention

Enhanced Nutrition Education Intervention worked with caregivers to ensure that they understood the importance of good nutrition for children, and in addition, to help the caregivers adopt healthy eating and activity habits themselves.

Improving Self-Efficacy of Nutrition Educators

Improving Self-Efficacy of Nutrition Educators implemented and evaluated the effectiveness of enhancing client education through a staff health promotion model. The model was adapted from a California Fit WIC staff wellness program that demonstrated a significant positive impact on self-efficacy in educating WIC clients to improve their nutrition and physical activity.