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Linking Education, Activity and Food (LEAF)

The Center directed the evaluation of 15 pilot middle and high schools in 9 California School Districts that were implementing the “Linking Education, Activity and Food” (LEAF) grants. These school districts were funded for a twenty-one month period by the California Department of Education through an interagency agreement with The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA). The goal of these grants was to pilot the development and implementation of nutrition and physical activity policies as outlined in Senate Bills 19 and 56 entitled the Pupil Nutrition, Health and Achievement Act of 2001. SB 19 required that an evaluation be conducted and that two reports be submitted to the legislature, the first in June, 2004, and the second in January, 2005. The Center produced the following reports:

LEAF Accomplishments, Impacts and Lessons Learned - Executive Summary and Report
LEAF Participant Assessment of the Adequacy of SB 19 - Executive Summary and Report
LEAF Cross-Site Evaluation Reports
LEAF Fiscal Impact - Executive Summary and Report
LEAF Food and Beverage Industry Response to SB 19 - Executive Summary and Report
LEAF Child Nutrition & Physical Activity Advisory Committee (CNPAAC) Formation and District Policy Development - Executive Summary and Report
LEAF Fresh Produce Purchases by School Food Service - Executive Summary and Report