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February 2012:

Nebraska school district lowers obesity rate: Can W.Va. do the same?

BPC to Hold Forum on Institutions That Impact America's Eating Habits and Promote Workplace Wellness on February 23 & 24

Grand Rapids schools begins process to pay parents of 5,000 kids $60 per child to buy nutritious food

January 2012

Assessing the Value of BMI Screening and Surveillance in Schools

Can living the good life kill us?

Area agencies to split $15,000 in grant funds to help create healthier communities

Study: Stressed kids more likely to become obese

Let the Kids Play: They’ll Do Better in School

Early detection can help your child have a healthy body composition

Why we're fat: 10 lifestyle changes that promote obesity

Are Georgia's anti-obesity ads unfair to fat kids?

December 2011:

Fast-food toy ban no aid to nutrition, study says

November 2011

Congress Blocks New Rules on School Lunches

School Lunch Proposals Set Off a Dispute

Corporate sponsorship in schools can harm students, experts say

Addressing Childhood Obesity With Targeted Messaging to Moms, and Ethnic Minorities

Babies on obesity path? New sign may offer answer

August 2011
Stronger Social Safety Net Leads to Decrease in Stress, Childhood Obesity

First-Ever National Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Standards Developed for Afterschool Programs

New Link Found Between Obesity and Insulin Resistance

June 2011

Nickelodeon's The Big Help Partners with the President's Challenge Program for "Million PALA Challenge"

High-Fat Diet During Pregnancy Programs Child for Future Diabetes, Study Suggests

Why Childhood Obesity? It's So Much More Than What Kids Eat

Food Pyramid Replaced by My Plate ‘ Icon’ Emphasizing Fruit, Vegetable, Grains, Protein and Dairy

April 2011

Maternal Stress During Pregnancy May Affect Child's Obesity

Soda tax expected to add $4.5 million to Humboldt schools

Program uses food to help kids succeed

A M Kulp Elementary School third-graders visit Upper Gwynedd grocery store

March 2011
Sugary soft drinks linked to high blood pressure

February 2011
New Rules Call for Healthier School Lunches

Fruits and Vegetables Star in USDA’s Proposed Rule on School Nutrition

Overburdened Food Banks Can't Say No To Junk

$3 Million Breakfast in the Classroom Initiative Alters the Recipe of Traditional School Breakfast Programs

Free Health Care for your Children is Not a Dream, it’s a Growing Reality

January 2011

Local schools await new nutrition standards

Adopting Healthy Habits in Youth Associated With More Favorable Cholesterol Levels in Adulthood

Healthy Food Tasting at Drew K-8 School for the Let’s Move Recipe Challenge

High-sugar teen diet ups heart risk later

December 2010
President Obama Signs Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 Into Law

Congress Approves Child Nutrition Bill

Child Nutrition Bill: What it Actually Accomplishes

House passes Titus bill on weekend meals

Fat city: Partnership sees community fix for obesity

Sturgeon Height’s students think positive

Youth sports often don't meet weekly exercise requirement

November 2010
First lady encourages Miami students to eat greens

United Fresh helps launch salad for schools

Art Smith, Elmo Team up to Cook up Good Nutrition

Association of Adolescent Obesity With Risk of Severe Obesity in Adulthood

September 2010
Center in the News
CNN: Alice Waters: School food revolutionary?

School meals study provides food for thought

Berkeley's New School Food Study A Victory for Alice Waters

Waters gets proof that Edible Schoolyard works

New NHLBI Study to Evaluate Community Programs to Reduce Childhood Obesity

August 2010
UW: Cost of healthy food outpaces supermarket price hikes

Obesity rates on the rise - CDC report

July 2010
Extremely Obese Children Have 40 Percent Higher Risk of Reflux Disease of Esophagus, Study Finds

Sweet Way to Detect Prediabetes

Kids Now See Fewer Television Ads for Sweets and Beverages, but More for Fast Food

F as in Fat: How Obesity Threatens America's Future 2010

Battling the bulge - A national health study, with participants in six Philadelphia middle schools, is attempting to curb type 2 diabetes with lifestyle changes.

Summer meal program called crucial; Michigan kids missing out

More opportunities to eat fresh

June 2010

Mind & Muscle Playing Musical Instruments A Workout For Children

U.S. obesity rates could fall if soda pop prices rise

White House OMB Director Peter Orszag and New York Road Runners Highlight Importance of Regular Physical Activity at NYC School

May 2010

"Thriving Infant" Genes Increase Risk of Obesity Later in Life

Workplace Physical Activity Programs - Staff Member Interest Survey

Helping Communities Assess Their Progress in Preventing Childhood Obesity

Groups recruit kid cooks to curb childhood obesity

Solve childhood obesity within a generation, new fed report proposes

Toddlers and TV: Early Exposure Has Negative and Long-Term Impact

First Course of Veggies May Appeal to Hungry Preschoolers

April 2010

Substance in Breast Milk Kills Cancer Cells Study Suggests

New program helps keep track of physical activity levels via mobile

Oda Has High Hopes for Mother and Child Nutrition Plan

The Claim: Lack of Sleep Increases Weight

Americans Want Pizza, Burgers and Nuggets Pulled From School Menus, Poll Finds

Why road hockey may be kids' secret academic weapon

How Urban Planning Can Improve Public Health

TN medical students want money from soda tax to fight childhood obesity: Group favors use of funds for athletic fields, parks

Course teaches nutrition on a budget: The Extension Service course focuses on healthy eating for low-income families

Study: Daily exercise can derail “fat” DNA in teens

Obesity may hinder baby's ability to crawl, walk

March 2010
New journal devoted to hot button issue: childhood obesity

Serving up a menu of healthy eating

A TV Show and Congress Tackle School Lunches

Lunchtime Laments: Third-grade students ask for healthier school meals

Senator proposes $4.5 billion for child nutrition

Leahy Launches Bill to Multiply Farm to School Links

PepsiCo: No Sugary Drinks in World Schools

Obesity and Passive Smoking Reduce Oxygen Supply to Unborn Baby

Misleading food labels to get makeover: FDA developing restrictions for front-of-package claims

In public schools, $1 meals all day, every day

Workplace Wellness Programs Work - Employees who used them lost weight, lowered heart disease risk, study finds

Banning junk foods at schools may help prevent childhood obesity

February 2010

First Lady Michelle Obama Launches Let's Move: America's Move to Raise a Healthier Generation of Kids

Children's nation of food: Mapping how environment impacts childhood obesity

New Foundation Will Bring Americans Together to Target Childhood Obesity

January 2010

First Lady Michelle Obama Calls On Mayors Work With Others To Fight Childhood Obesity

Sale of junk food to be banned in Ontario schools

Kids pack in nearly 11 hours of media use daily

Recipe for Change: Food Groups Ready to Remake School Meals Program

Study Finds Federal Funding Makes A Key Difference In State's Obesity Treatment Programs

Gaining weight? Maybe you should blame nutrition labels

December 2009

NIH Launches Program to Develop Innovative Approaches to Combat Obesity

Tax sugary drinks to fight the flab, says expert