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Cafeteria Facilities, Often Overlooked, Yet Key to Student Nutrition and Health

This article discusses findings from three important state-wide studies, "The Linking Education, Activity and Food (LEAF) Program," "The California Fresh Start Program (CFSP)," and "The Evaluation of SB 12 and 965" conducted by the Center in California.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sports Drinks - English, Spanish

Isn’t Gatorade or Powerade the best drink for after practice? Aren’t sports drinks and juice a lot healthier than soda? If professional athletes promote and drink sports drinks, shouldn’t my kids? Parents, coaches, and physical education instructors have often asked about the value of sports drinks. Center researchers answer these and several other frequently asked questions about sports drinks.

Resources: Governor Schwarzenegger's Summit on the Prevention of Obesity

The Center reviewed and created materials for the 2005 Governor’s Action Summit on Health, Nutrition and Obesity:

Governor’s Summit – Fact Sheets

Obesity: An Overview of the Crisis
The Burden of Poor Nutrition and Physical Inactivity
Diabetes: a preventable and costly disease