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About Us

The Center for Weight and Health

The Center for Weight and Health was founded in 1999 within the College of Natural Resources (CNR) at the University of California at Berkeley. Later it was jointly sponsored by the School of Public Health and CNR and became the Dr. Robert C. and Veronica Atkins Center for Weight and Health. The Center’s mission is to illuminate factors influencing U.S. trends in hunger and obesity, and to address factors that can impact chronic health conditions including diabetes, heart disease and cancer. The Center links the university with varied community partners in order to better understand and modify nutrition, physical activity patterns and other environmental factors in a way that will improve the health of children and their families in diverse settings, including schools, childcare, after school settings, the workplace, and neighborhoods. The Center for Weight and Health:

• Synthesizes research literature and creates evidence-based guides for communities, health organizations, foundations and policymakers to use in developing strategies to prevent obesity and promote health.

• Conducts research on the effectiveness of program and policy solutions to prevent obesity and promote health.

• Develops and promotes educational and environmental strategies that respond to the needs of diverse populations.

• Evaluates community health interventions to identify promising and sustainable real-world solutions.

• Identifies policy and action priorities in collaboration with partners and communities.

• Convenes experts and practitioners in regional and national forums on childhood obesity.

• Develops practical tools and resources for multiple audiences: families, schools, worksites, health organizations, community agencies, foundations and others.